Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am back!

Hi there,

I am really sorry that I wasn't online in the last few days, but there were personal reasons. So here  we go again, I am here and now I have to read a lot of blogs before I can post again.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Night

Hi there,

I just want to say good night, I am going to sleep now. I haven't been working on my blog now or anything related to it, but I want to. Now, I am going to write an Expose and see if I like it. I also worked on an update to BDOS, as I found something missing. Until then, have fun.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Morning @all,

Twitter slowly grows, right now there are only 6 followers. This made me thinking about Facebook once again. But then, I really don't like Facebook, so screw that.
Also, I wanted to remind you about the desktop wallpaper contest. If your desktop isn't that nice, polish it up and make it shine :t)

Monday, October 18, 2010


Morning @all,

Today is a nice, very relaxing day. So I had a great idea, and made a new twitter account. There, I can post you updates and you can send me PMs, so we can get in touch. Anyway, here is the link.
Please follow me and spread the word. I also added a a gadget in the side bar, where you can see what is going on.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Post your Desktop

Hi there,

While I was browsing all your blogs, I mentioned that we haven't had this topic already. So why not post your Desktops and make a contest out of it? What do you think?
Anyway, here is my Desktop:

Oh, and thanks for all the TV series you posted, I now have a lot to look into :-)


Morning @all,

Today I am going to stop counting, since it the numbers can become huge over time.
Yesterday, I watched some of the shows that you recommended, but besides the office, I didn't find anything interesting and/or new. Somehow, it seems like TV shows become worse and worse.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is there a good, new series out there?

Hi there,

Yes, this question is real. I just looked through the new series that are running right now. In the end, it doesn't seem like there is any new series airing, that is at least watchable. Do you have a suggestion or can you prove me wrong?

What am I doing?

Hi there,

I am back, once again. But there is one problem, I now have to clean up my home, take care of my plants, pets, and such. So still not really the time to do something in here, but I will get there. And I finally want to write some articles about BDOS.
In excuse for my absence, have a nice song:


Evening @all,

I am really sorry that I wasn't online today. But my grandma needed help, and now I am suffering of sleep deprivation from the sleeping schedule of last week. So it really isn't the best time of my life to start a blog. I hope you can still stay patient with me.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Game: Battle of Wesnoth

Wesnoth is one of those games, you either like or hate. It is a very simple, straight forward to begin with  and still only recommandable to brainiacs. 

Morning the fourteenth

Morning @all,

I just want to keep up with my followers and comments. It is hard work, as there are more than 150 of you now, thank you.
Besides that, I have an article already written. On top of that, I collect a few videos on Youtube that will show some features that are included in BDOS.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Morning the thirteenth

Morning @all,

Today I am finally able to spend more time with this blog. So now I installed BDOS on my netbook and look if it works out.
Since the question was raised yesterday, why did I not include OpenOffice? For the same reason I did not include Chromium: They are both insanely huge and waste a lot of space. You can still install these with the package manager, but I wanted a small and lighter distribution, that can fit on a CD if it has to.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some thoughts on BDOS

Hi there,

once again no article, but I mean to write one over night. This post is meant to give you some general impressions on my new baby.
As you have seen, I made quite some text yesterday. This is actually a feature many distributions use to represent their new releases, so I wanted this tradition to catch on. But, it isn't all candy.
To give you one example, Koffice isn't a hundred percent stable in its current form. I also forgot some features, as Skype and some games I included. Still, the software I included in BDOS is the software I use everyday and that I can recommend without doubts, despite the flaws I mentioned above.

And one last message: I did not know that you have to register in order to download this software. But since we all have Google accounts already, registration isn't to hard.

Morning the twelfths

Morning @all,

Today I have to go out with my niece, so I am not online for the morning, most likely it will take until afternoon. So sadly, I still have to leave you alone with BDOS. If you like, you can install it on a usb stick and play around with it. You cannot destroy anything, so have fun.

And now?

Hi there,

Thank you all for your patience, I hope I did not stretch it out too far. After BDOS is released now, what will happen in the future?
First of all, I can now start making tutorials and explanations, as this was my original goal. The reason why I created BSOD was simple: I needed a base to work on. When I write an article about something on Linux, many people will use different software. But this way, I have a foundation to work on.
Secondly, I still don't know what else there is. Yeah, I am still stuck on that one. Maybe I should write more about games, because games are always great.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Some additional informations to BDOS

What's the default password?
For the tux account as well as for root.

BDOS released

Finally, after some days of hard work and several hours of testing, it is done. At this point, I present to you, the Blaustil Desktop OS (Short: BDOS).

Morning the eleventh

Morning @all,

I hope you had a great sunday, mine was full of success. As I already told you, the major bug is gone, and since then I only had a few minor issues. But the should be gone by now, so I will power up a good presentation to you. Stay tuned, because today it is getting hot.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Me 1 : Bugs 0

Hi there,

So finally I did it. The Bug is gone and we are now ready for public testing (You might want to call it beta :-) ).
For those who are curios: I removed an additional package, of which I thought was unnecessary. It turns out it had an additional dependency, which is used to create menu entries. And since it was not available, there where no menu entries.
And now I am out of here, the sun is shining and it is warm outside. So please stay patient with me.

Morning the tenth

Morning @all,

Thank you all for your support, it really keeps me motivated. But the bad is still there, the bug is not gone. I have an idea that will maybe fix it, and if this does not work, I don't know what does.
Also, I am sorry for not posting any articles in the last time. I started to write about Wesnoth, but between RL and building and testing a Linux, there is not much time to write.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hopefully the last status update

Hi there,

As the title says, this is hopefully the last time you have to here from me before the action starts. The package selection is finished and everything is ready, but there is one nasty bug. Somehow, it destroys all application entries, thous the main menu is empty and when opening a file, there is no application available (although it is installed). I hope I can fix this and then it is your turn.

Morning the nineth

Morning @all,

Yesterday I finished the first tests, and besides a bug that I can't trace back, it looks like I'll have a Linux OS ready for you.
On the other hand, it is sunday. So please stay patient with me.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Next status update

Hi there,

Once again I can only give you a status update. The first tests of my upcoming Linux appliance have started. I'll include wine, seems like this is going to be used a lot.
Also, note that this Linux will be installed on an USB stick or any kind of memory card. It is not installable on your hard drive, but I think we can compromise here.

Morning the eighth

Morning @all,

today is a bad day to wake up. Why? Because there is no coffee. Now, I have to get out and buy some, so I am able to work on my Linux distro a little bit more, maybe even finish the first testing.
Also, I have one question. Would you use WINE?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Status Update

Hi there,

Once again this is just a quick status update. I am working on a Linux appliance based on Suse studio, which I want to give away as an easy to use distribution to you. It will support video playback and all the functions you use right out of box (including flash) and fit on a 4Gb USB stick.
I have made my choice in terms of software, now it is testing and configuring. I'll keep you posted.

Morning the seventh

Morning @all,

Yesterday was a great day. We not only broke the 100 follower mark, but also 150 comments and over 1000 views were achieved. That really motivates me and you will soon see much more stuff on my blog.
As promised, I reworked the Linux games list, there are now screenshots and the layout is much better. Things that are on my todo list now are wine and Linux for beginners.
Oh, and I am thinking about removing the text ads, because they bring no money whatsoever.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Week

Hi there,

I just mentioned that this blog already exists for one week. And boy, this was a good week. The comments passed the 150 mark easily and I am very close to 100 followers. Now for only one week this is a great success, and I want to keep up the speed as good as I can.
Right now, I am fully dedicated to this blog, since I have no work. This means I want to improve the numbers of articles, but first I've got to get my writing become faster. On the other side, I am still looking for more categories on my blog that i can cover.
Anyway, time flies by so fast now. I really enjoy having this blog and all I wanted to say is thank you for the support you give me. Oh, and of course thank you to my next three followers :-)

Oh, and check out my Linux games list, if you want to add a game leave a comment.

Morning the sixth

Morning @all,

Today is the day you all waited for: my games list is online. Additionally, I added a Jamendo-widget on my blog, so you can listen to music while you are browsing. And if you want to, you can download this music to your computer/mp3 player for free.
Later this day, I want to add screenshots to the games list. Maybe I will also rework the playlist and add some variety. And last but not least I am thinking about a beginners tutorial for Linux, as there are many request on this topic.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Game: Savage 2 - A Tortured Soul

Alright, as I told you before, I was working on Linux games. At first, I wanted to put this into one article, but now I decided to split it up. And at first I want to start with the real big ones.

New Ads

Alright, this has gone a little bit faster than I thought, but as you see there are some new In-Text ads. I want to try these out and see how it goes. If you get to annoyed by this, or you want to tell me something else about this, please comment here.
For those of you who are interested in this program, here is my refferal link:

But remember, I am trying these out, they may or may not become a part of this blog.

Morning the fifths

Morning @all,

Today is another day like every other. Nothing special, right now I am working on a list of games that run on Linux. Besides that, I look for ideas what else to blog about, maybe you can brainstorm with me :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Design

Hi there,
As you might have seen already, I changed the design of my blog a little. Now I would like your feedback, critic (be constructive!) or your appraisal.

Article: Capabilities of Linux

The word "Linux" names a useroriented Linux distribution.
I also like to add, that ths article is based on my personal experience and impressions, it may not represent your opinion.
Like I told you, this will be my next big article, covering what Linux can and can't do. For those who want a short version of it: Linux can be used for your everyday computing, but you'll have to get used to it!
Second of all, don't look for the games section. There is none, because it is way to much to talk about. Therefore, I want to put this in a new article.
And now let's get started.

Morning the fourth

Hi there,

Again, it isn't exactly morning anymore. Still, I wanted to tell you to stay online, because my article is about to be published. Furthermore, I am working on a few ideas what else I can integrate in this blog. And at last, I can give my blog and you more time.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Evening at all,

Sorry for not being online today. But I had so much to do, and now I'm exhausted. The article I'm writing is mostly done, now I only need to check it once. So expect it to be online tomorrow.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Morning the third

Morning everyone,

I still haven't managed to write a new article, and it doesn't look like I will finish it today. Right now, checking blogger is the last thing to do before we go out on a tour, and then come back this evening. If you can, give me some input.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I need your input

Hi there,

I was thinking about my next article, where I want to talk about what you can and can't do with a linux distribution. So while I think that I have a hand full of good ideas, I wanted to ask you what you want to know or what you want to be said. Just leave a comment, I will most certainly read it.

One Movie for you: Sintel

Short post this time. The new Openmovie Sintel is out. It was created using Ubuntu and open source software,such as Gimp,Inkscape and Blender.
You can download this movie for free, of course. Here is the homepage.

Morning the second

Today I'm going to visit my father, which sadly means I will not be online that much. But don't worry, I'll write a few articles during that time.
For now, I only want to say thank you for your feedback on the last article. You gave me a few ideas what I almost forgot to talk about, so now I am going to answer your question.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Article: What is linux?

Okay, so here is my first article about linux, and it'll be a a very basic topic: What is linux? The reason why I'm writing this is pretty simple: Many people tell you something that is absolutly wrong!
Now, what is linux? Linux is not an operating system. It is, technically, the kernel of the operating system. So what it does, can be described best as the doorway for your software to your hardware. With that being said, I may give you this example: If an application wants to save a file on the harddrive, it does not do this by accessing the disk by itself, but by passing the file to the kernel who then saves it. The same with loading a file, showing graphics, or even read an input from the keyboard. Everytime you do something with your hadware, the software has to use the kernel for this.
That was the part for technicians. For beginners, linux normally means the base operating system, GNU/Linux. As you may guessed from the section above, you cannot do anything with the kernel by itself. It doesn't have a user interface, even a commandline interface is not available. So in order to get a minimal user experience, you'll need some basic tools, combien them and call it GNU. Originally, GNU was meant to become it's own operating system, but they where missing a kernel (and they still are, but for those who are interested, look for GNU Hurd). Therefore, they combined the GNU tools with linux, and voila, we have an operating system. Now don't get to exited about this, because it only features a command line interface, a texteditor and many tools to get informations about the hardware. And you can also access your harddrive, yeah.
Then again, for us desktop users, this is still unusable. What we need, is a desktop environment, webbrower, e-mail client, instant messaging tool, office suite, a.s.o. You can get this in one package, and that would be a Linux Distribution. This is the most used solution for our desktop pc, notebook and/or netbook. Here we have a huge selection, and every distribution has it's own pros and cons. But this is not what I want to talk about, because now I only want to tell you: Linux is not an operating system.
The reason for this is pretty simple: There is no standard for an operating system. You may define an OS as what Windows is, but that is only a desktop operating system. There are also OSs for smartphones, in-car computer, TV, DVD players, gaming consoles, microwaves, freezers and in the future your socks. The pretty awesome thing about this is, that GNU/linux runs on all these platforms. So what do you think, is this an operating system?


Yeah, okay, it isn't exactly morning anymore, even where I live. I'm feeling like the day starts right now, whereas it already began several hours ago. But Coffee still tastes great :-)
Right now, I'm asking myself, what should I write about? Now, musics comes to mind, but I think there are already enough posts covering that topic. And if not, you can look for epic score on youtube. I can also show you how to use linux, especially the KDE software compilation. Or I can post about my everyday live, and what's annyoing me about it. If you also want me to write about something you like, don't hesitate to ask.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Post from Blogilo

So, I am just messing around with blogger, and now I thought I could try KDEs blogging application, Blogilo.
Therefore, this is yet another test :-)

And it already looks like it doesn't support tags/labels.


You know what: I hate doing the dishes. But there is a secret: It is done much faster then you think it is. Seriously, if you set your timer, you will see that it normally doesn't take more than 15 minutes!


Hello World!