Friday, February 11, 2011

Game Consoles, part 2

Hi there,

Today we will continue going through my past, by talking about the probably most important console to me: the PS one. For those of you that don't know, this model is the slimmer version of the PSX.
Now bear with me, but my first video game was Disneys Dinosaurs... I know, it was a stupid game, but I was a little kid and it was really exciting. Anyway, I got the game and console on Christmas, I think 1999 or 2000, and I played through the whole game in less then 5 hours. Keep in mind, I was a noob back then. Today, I would probably beat it in 2 hours.
Moving on, there were a handful of shitty games until I got the first big thing: Final Fantasy 8. I don't need to tell you how amazing this game was, and actually still is. But I was out of luck, because the CDs got scratched so fast, that I could not play through the whole game. Also, I got Final Fantasy 7 in between. Now that one was much easier to play, and I made it until the end.
In the next month, I only got better games, like Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve 2,  and of course Final Fantasy 9. For the latter, I still think that this was the best FF so far. Not because of the gameplay, but rather the storyline, the characters and the whole world. It was a master piece. For todays FFs, I don't like them anymore. They lost their charm after Final Fantasy 10,  most likely because Hironobu Sakaguchi and most of the original production team of Final Fantasy left Squaresoft.

Okay, as you have seen I exclusively talked about  games from Squaresoft (today Square Enix). But there were other games, like Breath of Fire 4. It was a 2D RPG in a 3D environment, but it could not compare to the Final Fantasy series. The cutscences and overall graphic could not compete to the others.
Tekken 3 was a great beat'em up. I, my brother and a friend of mine played it for hours and hours. But playing this so extensively, I cannot say that todays Tekken games are better. The games are much faster now and have a little arcade feeling, but the controls are way to stiff for that speed. It just feels like some sort of hybrid between arcade and a reality-like game, and it does not do good on any type of them.
The counter part of Tekken was Battle Arena Toshinden 4. This game was a pickup and play Beat'em Up with weapons. The great thing about it was the fact that you could type in some commands, and it made a combo out of it.
And I could go on with the games, but I cannot remember all of them. Also, I just wanted to name the most important games to me. So stay tuned, because we still have some consoles ahead.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

About BDOS

Hi there,

So you may were wondering about BDOS and what happened to it. It's simple: I terminated it.
There are a couple of reasons, the most significant: I wasn't satisfied with it. It had flaws that I could not live with, and I couldn't change either. On the same level, I didn't like the administration tool (YaST).
Going on, you had to register yourself in order to download it. While all you need was a Google account, I still don't think that this was a good redistribution channel.
And last but not least, the success was rather disappointing, so that wasn't fun, too.

With those arguments, I just didn't like this project. Also, I don't believe that I could have improved these cons. Oh, and if you do not know what BDOS is, feel free to take a look at my blog :-)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This Weekend

Hi there,

Sorry that I haven't been online this weekend, I was busy with my brother. He will stay at my place for a little while, meaning that I won't have much time for my blog. I still try to keep up with all my readings, but updates will become more rarely, probably.
Also I wanted to let you know that I am still working on my game consoles article, but the next one will be a bit bigger, as we are going for the PS one.

Oh, and mark your calendar on the 14. February, because its my birthday. A nice excuse so you can care about valentines day ;)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Gaming consoles

Hi there,

Today I want to talk about my video game consoles, which I have/had quite a few. Lets start with my first one, the Sega Master System. Back then, I was just a little child and didn't even attend school. We only had a couple of games, namely Sonic 2, Lemmings, some tennis game and of course Alex the kid. Looking back in time, I am actually relieved with the choice of games that we bought back then. They were really good, but I think I was to young to understand them.
Going on, I was introduced to the PC. But not just any PC, it was a Pentium 1 CPU with 133 Mhz! ON Top of that, we had an amazing RAM of 32 MB and a 2 MB graphics card (I think it was a Hercules Graphics Terminator, but I am not sure). It was amazing, especially due to the RTS games like Warcraft 2, Dune 2000 and Starcraft. Then there were games like  Diablo, K.K.N.D Krossfire and others. It was amazing, and I think this was the part of my childhood that lived on until now, given that the computer is still a central part of my life.

Okay, here I take a break and start writing out the next part of this series. Please let me know the games and consoles you grew up with and the best/worst memories you have.

Sorry, now I am back

Hi there,

I am truthfully sorry that I did not made a new post on this blog. At some point, I must"ve forgotten about it all along. So see this as my revival from the dead :-)

For a new part, I want to change the topic from my blog. As of now, it will not only be Linux related stuff, but also my other personal interests, and some video games :D So stay patient with me for a few moments, and I will have something interesting for you to read.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am back!

Hi there,

I am really sorry that I wasn't online in the last few days, but there were personal reasons. So here  we go again, I am here and now I have to read a lot of blogs before I can post again.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Night

Hi there,

I just want to say good night, I am going to sleep now. I haven't been working on my blog now or anything related to it, but I want to. Now, I am going to write an Expose and see if I like it. I also worked on an update to BDOS, as I found something missing. Until then, have fun.