Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some thoughts on BDOS

Hi there,

once again no article, but I mean to write one over night. This post is meant to give you some general impressions on my new baby.
As you have seen, I made quite some text yesterday. This is actually a feature many distributions use to represent their new releases, so I wanted this tradition to catch on. But, it isn't all candy.
To give you one example, Koffice isn't a hundred percent stable in its current form. I also forgot some features, as Skype and some games I included. Still, the software I included in BDOS is the software I use everyday and that I can recommend without doubts, despite the flaws I mentioned above.

And one last message: I did not know that you have to register in order to download this software. But since we all have Google accounts already, registration isn't to hard.