Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yeah, okay, it isn't exactly morning anymore, even where I live. I'm feeling like the day starts right now, whereas it already began several hours ago. But Coffee still tastes great :-)
Right now, I'm asking myself, what should I write about? Now, musics comes to mind, but I think there are already enough posts covering that topic. And if not, you can look for epic score on youtube. I can also show you how to use linux, especially the KDE software compilation. Or I can post about my everyday live, and what's annyoing me about it. If you also want me to write about something you like, don't hesitate to ask.


  1. I'm happy to just hear about anything.

    Also yeah something about Linux would be sweet, I've been wanting to use it myself but don't really know where to start or what's so good about it.

  2. I think you should post about whatever comes to mind. I try to post what I think people want to hear about, while adding in my own thoughts and opinions on the subject.

    I'll definitely keep checking back for more.

  3. Just have fun.
    Write what you want to write about.
    What you love, even.