Monday, October 11, 2010

BDOS released

Finally, after some days of hard work and several hours of testing, it is done. At this point, I present to you, the Blaustil Desktop OS (Short: BDOS).


Video playback with Dragon Player
BDOS is an user-oriented Linux OS, based on the popular OpenSuse distribution. It is designed to be a complete desktop operating system, by including all major multimedia codecs and the newest software for internet access, such as flash and the Firefox webbrowser.
Steam running with w.i.n.e
For users of the Windows operating system, w.i.n.e. is included to be compatible to most software. Also, using the newest KOffice package, writing text documents or creating presentations can be done with ease.
Amarok, the music talent
In addition to office and work, you can listen to music or enjoy movies without hazards. Amarok, the music player, makes it easy to manage your music library and listen to your  favorite song. Dragon Player will make it easy for you to enjoy videos.
Krita, an advanced picture editor
But you are not only bound to view content, you can also become a creator yourself. Using the video editor Kdenlive, you have a powerful tool to edit your videos and movies professionally. Krita makes it easy to edit pictures and create new ones.

• BDOS is an Out-of-Box operating system for your PC, Notebook and Netbook.

• Featuring modern multimedia support and the ability to create your own content, becoming a Prosumer could not be easier.

• Based upon the famous OpenSuse Linux distribution, it is fully compatible with its software repositories  and support.

• Created with the SuseStudio service, you can clone BDOS and make your own Linux appliance.

You can download it here!

BDOS is available as download and can be installed on an usb stick or CD, as well as run in VmWare and VirtualBox.


Note that this is the first release, if there is something missing or you would like an additional feature, let me know it.
Also, the KOffice software isn't complete free of errors. Sadly, there was no alternative, as OpenOffices needs way, way to much disk space.
See this post for additional informations.
For install instructions, see here. It is for OpensSuse, but it should work for BDOS as well.

If you try to install the system, be sure to make a complete backup, as this can erase your whole hard drive.


  1. Dude, this is awesome. I am going to check it out.

  2. Downloading now, gonna try it out on my netbook!

  3. yes yes yes, so much win. goodbye ubuntu

  4. Good work! I might actually use this. Been looking for something to put on my USB.

  5. awesome. I'll give it a go in a bit.