Saturday, October 2, 2010

Morning the third

Morning everyone,

I still haven't managed to write a new article, and it doesn't look like I will finish it today. Right now, checking blogger is the last thing to do before we go out on a tour, and then come back this evening. If you can, give me some input.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I need your input

Hi there,

I was thinking about my next article, where I want to talk about what you can and can't do with a linux distribution. So while I think that I have a hand full of good ideas, I wanted to ask you what you want to know or what you want to be said. Just leave a comment, I will most certainly read it.

One Movie for you: Sintel

Short post this time. The new Openmovie Sintel is out. It was created using Ubuntu and open source software,such as Gimp,Inkscape and Blender.
You can download this movie for free, of course. Here is the homepage.

Morning the second

Today I'm going to visit my father, which sadly means I will not be online that much. But don't worry, I'll write a few articles during that time.
For now, I only want to say thank you for your feedback on the last article. You gave me a few ideas what I almost forgot to talk about, so now I am going to answer your question.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Article: What is linux?

Okay, so here is my first article about linux, and it'll be a a very basic topic: What is linux? The reason why I'm writing this is pretty simple: Many people tell you something that is absolutly wrong!
Now, what is linux? Linux is not an operating system. It is, technically, the kernel of the operating system. So what it does, can be described best as the doorway for your software to your hardware. With that being said, I may give you this example: If an application wants to save a file on the harddrive, it does not do this by accessing the disk by itself, but by passing the file to the kernel who then saves it. The same with loading a file, showing graphics, or even read an input from the keyboard. Everytime you do something with your hadware, the software has to use the kernel for this.
That was the part for technicians. For beginners, linux normally means the base operating system, GNU/Linux. As you may guessed from the section above, you cannot do anything with the kernel by itself. It doesn't have a user interface, even a commandline interface is not available. So in order to get a minimal user experience, you'll need some basic tools, combien them and call it GNU. Originally, GNU was meant to become it's own operating system, but they where missing a kernel (and they still are, but for those who are interested, look for GNU Hurd). Therefore, they combined the GNU tools with linux, and voila, we have an operating system. Now don't get to exited about this, because it only features a command line interface, a texteditor and many tools to get informations about the hardware. And you can also access your harddrive, yeah.
Then again, for us desktop users, this is still unusable. What we need, is a desktop environment, webbrower, e-mail client, instant messaging tool, office suite, a.s.o. You can get this in one package, and that would be a Linux Distribution. This is the most used solution for our desktop pc, notebook and/or netbook. Here we have a huge selection, and every distribution has it's own pros and cons. But this is not what I want to talk about, because now I only want to tell you: Linux is not an operating system.
The reason for this is pretty simple: There is no standard for an operating system. You may define an OS as what Windows is, but that is only a desktop operating system. There are also OSs for smartphones, in-car computer, TV, DVD players, gaming consoles, microwaves, freezers and in the future your socks. The pretty awesome thing about this is, that GNU/linux runs on all these platforms. So what do you think, is this an operating system?


Yeah, okay, it isn't exactly morning anymore, even where I live. I'm feeling like the day starts right now, whereas it already began several hours ago. But Coffee still tastes great :-)
Right now, I'm asking myself, what should I write about? Now, musics comes to mind, but I think there are already enough posts covering that topic. And if not, you can look for epic score on youtube. I can also show you how to use linux, especially the KDE software compilation. Or I can post about my everyday live, and what's annyoing me about it. If you also want me to write about something you like, don't hesitate to ask.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Post from Blogilo

So, I am just messing around with blogger, and now I thought I could try KDEs blogging application, Blogilo.
Therefore, this is yet another test :-)

And it already looks like it doesn't support tags/labels.


You know what: I hate doing the dishes. But there is a secret: It is done much faster then you think it is. Seriously, if you set your timer, you will see that it normally doesn't take more than 15 minutes!


Hello World!