Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Game: Savage 2 - A Tortured Soul

Alright, as I told you before, I was working on Linux games. At first, I wanted to put this into one article, but now I decided to split it up. And at first I want to start with the real big ones.

Savage 2 - A Tortured Soul is probably the most addicting game on Linux I ever played.
The game is all about a conflict between human and beast. It is fought on a variety of battlefields, from fields, to mountains or jungles. What you need to do is build up a base and destroy the enemies one.
It sounds like a generic rts game, but it is not. Because you are not controlling the soldiers, they are players themselves.
The game is often called a mixture of shooter and rts, but it is either one of them. You can play as the leader or a unit.
As a leader, you play in the classic strategy game perspective, build the base, give orders to your minions and use magic. This part is actually optional and can be done by the soldiers completely, expect for the magic.
The real game plays as a third person shooter. You can shoot at somebody with a railgun, arrows or lightning. But the main focus lays on close combat, with a very tricking block system. Mastering this combat system is what this game is all about, and takes hundreds of hours.
If this is not enough there are also so called hellbourne units, 3 devastating monsters that can easily take out the enemies base on its own.

The game itself is purely multiplayer based, with a bunch of servers reachable over the internet. It is played in sessions that are ranging from 30 min. to epic 2 hours.  Up to 32 players can take it up on one battlefield. The game itself is free to play, with a premium account that costs 9,99$ on time. The difference is small, so this is really an optional step you don't need to do to become a good player. The game is available on Linux, Windows and Mac.

Here is the home page!


  1. I remember the ad WCRadio use to have for this. "Do you like bears? Do you like bears with lasers? Do you like bears with lasers that shoot lightning out of their hands?" Classic

  2. i like the effects!

    you should view my page if you need some humor :D

  3. I enjoyed your point of view in this post

  4. I liked your perspective in this one... I'm going to have to agree with you

  5. pretty sweet looking, what type of games do u want to make?