Wednesday, February 9, 2011

About BDOS

Hi there,

So you may were wondering about BDOS and what happened to it. It's simple: I terminated it.
There are a couple of reasons, the most significant: I wasn't satisfied with it. It had flaws that I could not live with, and I couldn't change either. On the same level, I didn't like the administration tool (YaST).
Going on, you had to register yourself in order to download it. While all you need was a Google account, I still don't think that this was a good redistribution channel.
And last but not least, the success was rather disappointing, so that wasn't fun, too.

With those arguments, I just didn't like this project. Also, I don't believe that I could have improved these cons. Oh, and if you do not know what BDOS is, feel free to take a look at my blog :-)


  1. sucks you weren't happy with the results....better than releasing a sub par product though.

  2. That sucks, still following you

  3. nothing worse than a crappy project.

  4. sucks to hear this man.
    i'm sure something else will work.